Note: Advice in this article will only work for JxBrowser 6. See the corresponding article for JxBrowser 7 here.(注意:本文中的建议仅适用于JxBrowser6,JxBrowser7相应文章请点击这里。)

You are welcome to try the library, check its features, integrate it into your project, and make sure it meets your project requirements. Use a free 30-day evaluation period. You may always count on our help while integrating JxBrowser.(欢迎您体验这个牛逼的库,检查其功能,将其集成到您的项目中,并确保它满足您的项目要求。使用30天的免费评估期。在集成JxBrowser时,您可能需要我们的帮助。)

In case of any questions, feel free to contact We will be happy to help and facilitate evaluation process for you.(如有任何疑问,请随时联系。我们将很乐意为您提供帮助和协助。)

Our support hours are Monday – Friday, from 11:00 to 19:00 (UTC+02:00).(我们的服务时间为周一至周五的11:00至19:00(UTC + 02:00)。)

Take advantage of our articles, quick start guides, tutorials on this portal, and API specification available for you 24/7.(充分利用我们的文章,快速入门指南,此门户上的教程以及24/7全天候可用的API规范。)

Once you make sure the library is a fit for you, you can purchase a commercial license.(一旦确定库适合您,就可以购买商业许可证。)

Please note that a commercial lisence includes an annual Subscription. It means that within a year-period you will be able to get all updates (minor and major) of JxBrowser together with Standard Support.(请注意,商业许可包括年度订阅。这意味着您可以在一年内获得JxBrowser的所有更新(次要和主要)以及标准支持。)

Standard Support(标准支持)

When you acquire a commercial license like Per Developer, Project, or Company-wide, we create personal accounts on JxBrowser Help Center where you can contact Support Team directly.(当您获得诸如Per Developer,Project或Company-wide的商业许可证时,我们将在JxBrowser帮助中心上创建个人帐户,您可以在其中直接与支持团队联系。)

Standard Support includes:(标准支持包括:)

— general assistance with JxBrowser usage;(–使用JxBrowser的一般帮助;)

— support requests processing;(—支持请求处理;)

— analysis of issues and providing solutions/fixes;(—问题分析并提供解决方案/解决方案;)

— feature request consideration.(—功能请求注意事项。)

Note: please note that all fixes, improvements, and new features are implemented on top of the latest (mainstream) version only.(注意:请注意,所有修复,改进和新功能都仅在最新(主流)版本之上实施。)

Premium Support(钱是万能的)

If you already own a commercial licence with an active Subscription, however you want JxBrowser to fit like a glove to your product and need to have it customized, or you need a here-and-now assistance for your extremely important release, make benefit of our Premium Support services.(如果您已经拥有带有有效订阅的商业许可证,但是您希望JxBrowser像手套一样适合您的产品,并且需要对其进行自定义,或者您需要即刻的帮助以获取极其重要的版本,请充分利用我们的高级支持服务。)

Premium Support includes:(高级支持包括:)

— dedicated email address and separate support queue;(—专用电子邮件地址和单独的支持队列;)

— urgent support requests processing;(—紧急支持请求的处理;)

— online/remote access or phone sessions in real time;(-实时在线/远程访问或电话会议;)

— feature development;(—功能开发;)

— creation and support of custom builds of JxBrowser;(-创建和支持JxBrowser的自定义版本;)

— creation of custom solutions based on JxBrowser.(—基于JxBrowser创建定制解决方案。)

Premium Support is a Times and Material service, rendered under a separate agreement, that we will prepare for you. Each task will be estimated for you prior to the work start.(高级支持是一项时事和材料服务,根据单独的协议提供,我们将为您准备。在开始工作之前,将为您估算每个任务。)

Please contact our Sales team for the hourly rate of your case.(请联系我们的销售团队以了解您案件的每小时收费。)

If there are questions left to be clarified, please email us at如果还有待解决的问题,请发送电子邮件至。)