Note: Advice in this article will only work for JxBrowser 6. See the corresponding article for JxBrowser 7 here.(注意:本文中的建议仅适用于JxBrowser6,JxBrowser7相应文章请点击这里。)

JxBrowser 5.0 - 5.2.1 (Chromium 39)(JxBrowser 5.0-5.2.1(Chromium 39))

Java Applets in these versions are supported. You can load web pages with embedded Java Applets.(支持这些版本的Java Applet。您可以使用嵌入式Java Applet加载网页。)

JxBrowser 5.3 - 6.3 (Chromium 43)(JxBrowser 5.3-6.3(Chromium 43))

In 5.3 version we switched on Chromium 43 that by default doesn't support Java Applet (NPAPI) plugins. But you can enable support of NPAPI plugins using the following Chromium switcher:(在5.3版本中,我们打开了默认不支持Java Applet(NPAPI)插件的Chromium 43。但是您可以使用以下Chromium切换器启用对NPAPI插件的支持:)

Browser browser = new Browser();

JxBrowser 6.4 and higher (Chromium 49+)(JxBrowser 6.4及更高版本(Chromium 49+))

In 6.4 version we switched on Chromium 49 that doesn't support Java Applet (NPAPI) plugins anymore.(在6.4版本中,我们启用了不再支持Java Applet(NPAPI)插件的Chromium 49。)