Note: Advice in this article will only work for JxBrowser 6. See the corresponding article for JxBrowser 7 here.(注意:本文中的建议仅适用于JxBrowser6,JxBrowser7相应文章请点击这里。)

Google Chrome and Chromium have several differences. For example, they support different set of audio and video codecs:(Google Chrome和Chromium有几个区别。例如,它们支持不同的音频和视频编解码器集:)

Google Chrome(谷歌浏览器)

AAC, H.264, MP3, MP4, Opus, Theora, Vorbis, VP8, VP9, and WAV(AAC,H.264,MP3,MP4,Opus,Theora,Vorbis,VP8,VP9和WAV)


Opus, Theora, Vorbis, VP8, VP9, WAV, and MP3 (since 6.23)(Opus,Theora,Vorbis,VP8,VP9,WAV和MP3(自6.23起))

As you may see Google Chrome supports H.264 and MP4 codecs when Chromium doesn't. The reason is that these codecs are proprietary and cannot be used in the open-source and commercial projects by default. To get the rights to use the codecs, companies must pay a royalty fee to the patent holders. Different codecs have different patent holders. For example, in order to use H.264 codec, companies must acquire the licence from MPEG-LA company. You can read more about their license terms on the MPEG-LA's website.(如您所见,Chromium相较于Chrome浏览器,不支持时支持H.264和MP4编解码器。原因是这些编解码器是专有的,默认情况下不能在开源和商业项目中使用。为了获得使用编解码器的权利,公司必须向专利持有人支付特许权使用费。不同的编解码器具有不同的专利持有人。例如,为了使用H.264编解码器,公司必须从MPEG-LA公司获得许可证。您可以在MPEG-LA的网站上了解有关其许可条款的更多信息。)

Enabling proprietary codecs(启用专有编解码器)

Patent holders don't licence codecs to the software that represent only a part of the final product deployed to the end users (e.g. libraries, such as JxBrowser). In order to support H.264, MP4 and other proprietary codecs in your products, you need to acquire an appropriate licence.(专利持有人拥有部署到用户的最终产品一部分的软件编解码器许可(例如,库,如JxBrowser)。为了在您的产品中支持H.264,MP4和其他专有编解码器,您需要获取适当的许可证。)

If you need to play MP4 or H.264 formats on the web pages loaded in JxBrowser, you need to perform the following actions:(如果需要在JxBrowser加载的网页上播放MP4或H.264格式,则需要执行以下操作:)

  1. Contact the patent holder (e.g. MPEG-LA) and obtain licence to use the proprietary codecs you need.(请与专利持有人联系(例如MPEG-LA),并获得使用所需编解码器的许可。)
  2. Contact our support team and request a custom build of JxBrowser with enabled proprietary codecs. If you are not yet a customer of JxBrowser, please write to请与我们的支持团队联系,并请求使用启用的专有编解码器的JxBrowser定制构建。如果您还不是JxBrowser的客户,请写信至。)

With the licence and custom JxBrowser build, you will be able to load web pages with the MP4 or H.264 formats and play audio and video files, just like in Google Chrome.

(使用许可和自定义JxBrowser构建,您将能够加载MP4或H.264格式的网页并播放音频和视频文件,就像在Google Chrome中一样。)


JxBrowser does not support Widevine at the moment. Web services that use Widevine to distribute content, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., do not work in JxBrowser/Chromium.(JxBrowser目前不支持Widevine。使用Widevine分发内容的Web服务,例如Netflix,Amazon Prime等,在JxBrowser / Chromium中不起作用。)