JACOB is built on windows machines using ANT, most commonly from inside of Eclipse. The main steps for getting a working Jacob build are: (JACOB是使用ANT在Windows计算机上构建的,通常是在Eclipse内部。获得有效的Jacob版本的主要步骤是:)

  1. Check out the source code or unpack the source zip file from sourceforge(签出源代码或从sourceforge解压缩源zip文件)
  2. Install the Development Environment(安装开发环境)
  3. Configure the build by creating a compilation_tools.properties file.(通过创建compilation_tools.properties文件来配置构建。)
  4. Run Eclipse and load the project into eclipse(运行Eclipse并将项目加载到eclipse中)
  5. Open the build.xml file in Eclipse and run the default ant target (在Eclipse中打开build.xml文件并运行默认的ant目标)

Repository Organization

Unpack the source archive zip file or check the files out of CVS into d:\jacob or some other familiar place. Source Java and JNI files are located in separate packages from the unit tests and the samples. (解压缩源归档zip文件或将文件从CVS中检出到d:\ jacob或其他熟悉的地方。源Java和JNI文件与单元测试和示例位于单独的软件包中。)

The Servlet examples that required j2ee libraries to compile have temporarily been removed. (暂时删除了需要j2ee库进行编译的Servlet示例。)

Development Environment

The simplest build environment includes MS Visual Studio 10.0 (Studio 2010), Eclipse 3.3 with the C/C++ module and JDK 1.6. In that situation, you would just create the (最简单的构建环境包括MS Visual Studio 10.0(Studio 2010),带有C / C ++模块的Eclipse 3.3和JDK 1.6。在这种情况下,您只需创建)


using the example at the top of build.xml as a template. (使用build.xml顶部的示例作为模板。)

Release C Version Java Version ANT Version Eclipse Version Used generated DLLs
up to 1.6 VC 98 (6.0) ? MAKE ? 32 bit
1.7 VC 98 (6.0) 1.4 (48) 1.? ? 32 bit
1.8 VC 98 (6.0) 1.4 (48) 1.? ? 32 bit
1.9 VC 98 (6.0) 1.4 (48) 1.? ? 32 bit
1.10 VC 98 (6.0) 1.4 (48) 1.? 3.?? 32 bit
1.11 VC 98 (6.0) & 2003 64bit libs 1.4.? (48) 1.6.? 3.2.1 32 and 64 bit
1.12 VC 98 (6.0) & 2003 64bit libs 1.4.2 (48) 1.6.5 3.2.2 32 and 64 bit
1.13 VC 2005 (8) 1.4.2 (48) 1.7.0 3.3 32 and 64 bit
1.14 VC 2005 (8) 1.5.0 (49) 1.7.0 3.3 32 and 64 bit
1.15 VC 2005 (8) 1.5.0 (49) 1.7.0 3.4 32 and 64 bit
1.17 VC 2005 (8) 1.5.0 (49) 1.8.4 Eclipse Embedded 4.3 32 and 64 bit
1.18 VS 2013 (12) Windows SDK 7.1A 1.6.0 (50) 1.8.4 Eclipse Embedded 4.3 32 and 64 bit

Microsoft Visual Studio 13 supports 64 bit builds. so no additional tools are required.(Microsoft Visual Studio 13支持64位版本。因此不需要其他工具。)

Microsoft changed the location of the windows sdk (formerly known as platform sdk) after VC 8.0. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Windows_SDK (Microsoft在VC 8.0之后更改了Windows SDK的位置(以前称为Platform SDK)。 https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Windows_SDK)

Build Process

The build process is based on ANT. You can run ANT from inside of eclipse or from the command line. Running from inside eclipse means you don't have any installation, pathing or configuration to do. You can just open the xml, select the target in the "Outline" pane, right mouse and then "run as ant" on the selected target. (构建过程基于ANT。您可以从eclipse内部或从命令行运行ANT。从eclipse内部运行意味着您无需执行任何安装,路径或配置。您可以打开xml,在“概述”窗格中选择目标,右键单击鼠标,然后在所选目标上“以蚂蚁身份运行”。)

The ant process is driven off of a configuration file named compilation_tools.properties that describes the locations of the JDK and Microsoft C++ tools. The build.xml file in the root directory contains examples of the contents of this file. (ant进程是从一个名为configuration_tools.properties的配置文件开始的,该文件描述了JDK和Microsoft C ++工具的位置。根目录中的build.xml文件包含此文件内容的示例。)

There are two main ant targets. (有两个主要的蚂蚁目标。)

Eclipse Java IDE

Eclipse users have to do some minor tweaks to their project if they want to use the integrated build process. This is because the unit tests are files located in the "unittest" directory while the project source files themselves are in "src" the root directory. By default, eclipse will add the entire project as source. This messes up the package naming. In addition, the build directory should be set to be the same place the ANT build puts the compiled java classes. A couple small tweaks to the build path fix these problems: (Eclipse用户如果要使用集成的构建过程,则必须对其项目进行一些小的调整。这是因为单元测试是位于“ unittest”目录中的文件,而项目源文件本身位于根目录“ src”中。默认情况下,eclipse会将整个项目添加为源。这弄乱了程序包的命名。此外,应将构建目录设置为与ANT构建放置已编译的Java类相同的位置。对构建路径进行了一些小调整,以解决以下问题:)

Open up the project properties and go to the "Java Build Path" properties panel. (打开项目属性,然后转到“ Java Build Path”属性面板。)

Troubleshooting Build Problems (解决构建问题)

Running Samples and Tests

Samples and JUnit test programs can be found in the source jar or in CVS. The programs can be run from a bat file or from inside the Eclipse IDE. The java library path variable must be set to include the directory the jacob.dll is in. The simplest way to do that is to add it as a command line option. The following assume that your jacob development area is located in c:\dev\jacob: (样本和JUnit测试程序可以在源jar或CVS中找到。这些程序可以从bat文件运行,也可以从Eclipse IDE内部运行。必须将Java库路径变量设置为包括jacob.dll所在的目录。最简单的方法是将其添加为命令行选项。以下假设您的jacob开发区域位于c:\ dev \ jacob中:)


JUnit test programs can be individually run from inside eclipse or en-masse via the ant test target. Last Modified 10/2008 1.15 (JUnit测试程序可以通过ant测试目标从eclipse或en-masse内部单独运行。上次修改时间10/2008 1.15)